Dashboards & Data Visualization

Excel sheets and databases are generally considered inaccessible and uninteresting.

An interactive dashboard or data visualization can help engage your audience and clarify your message.

Case Studies

  • Predictive Analytics

    Client: Strategy Interactive Software

    Predictive Analytics


    Using proprietary math provided by the client, this web based presentation connects to stock price feeds and financial APIs from sources such as yahoo.com and tracks past stock performance to provide predictions on future performance.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS), Javascript/jQuery.

  • Dashboard "War Room"

    Client: Strategy Interactive Software

    War Room


    I developed a series of dashboards for Strategy Interactive Services monitoring commodity prices. This solution was developed to display these dashboards in a single interface allowing quick access to all visualizations removing the need to flip between windows.

  • Train Game

    Client: Strategy Interactive Software / Mirant

    Train Game


    Mirant needed a way to track their train cars, determine slow spots, record quality reports and improve scheduling. This solution gave an easy method for tracking this data and provided an at-a-glance picture of their supply chain and quality.

    The train game was deployed and used in the early 2000s.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, MySQL, Custom Design Site (HTML, CSS). Design by Sodari Design.

  • Sisters MyAtlas

    Client: Sisters LLC

    Sisters myAtlas


    Sisters myAtlas was a two component solution, an editor and a viewer. The editor provided an easy way for members to add and edit information in their taxonomy, as well as upload and edit images. The viewer (shown) was a read-only dynamically generated output for easy navigation.

    Technology & Services

    Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Javacript, JQuery, D3 js, Aviary

Dashboard Examples

    Notes: Dashboards shown below use proprietary math from the client to calculate outcomes. If you want a dashboard you must supply your own formulae. Client names have been blurred.

  • Value Management
    Value Management


    Inputs on the left allowed the client to visualize the value added impact of single or multiple acquisitions on their public and private valuation.

  • Simple Stock Price Estimates
    Stockprice Estimates


    Adjusting inputs on this dashboard allowed the commodity company to estimate their stock price given varying cost adjustments including operating cost, interest rates, and global commodity prices.

  • Stock Price + EBITDA
    Stockprice + EBITDA


    This dashboard calculated company market value due to changes in divisional and company wide metrics.

  • Commodity Price Forecaster
    Commodity Price Forecaster


    Inputting commodity growth rates adn demand allowed this client to forecast commodity prices in multiple scenarios.

  • Bond Yield
    Bond Yield


    This tool estimated 5 year unsecured debt cost for commodity comparables.

  • Strategic & Stability Metrics
    Strategic and Stability Metrics


    This dashboard showed the output results from multiple input pages into a simple single page report giving an overview of company value and stability.